Sri Lanka Creole Portuguese

Sri Lanka Creole Portuguese  is a Portuguese base creole spoken by Sri Lankan  Kaffirs and Burgher population in Batticaloa,  and Trincomalee, eastern Sri Lanka and Puttalam in northwestern Sri Lanka.  Very few speakers of the language exist. The tongue is rarily used outside the home. It  is the language of traditional Kaffir music Manja and Kaffrinha. With the popularity of Kaffir music awareness and exposure of the language  is helping in its preservation. The language's lexicon or vocabulary comes mainly from Portuguese but also Tamil , Sinhali, English ,and Dutch. The creole seems to have 18 consonants and 14 vowels. The Portuguese , in 1505, established forts in Sri Lanka.  A pidgin would have develop from this initial contact leading to the development of the creole. During the 1550s, African slaves would have added to the initial pidgin. During the 1600s, the tongue became the Lingua Franca of the island.