Swaziland(ˈswɑːzɪˌlænd) is a southern African country bordered by South Africa and Mozambique, with a location of 26 30 S, 31 30 E. The area is 17,364 sq km. The capital is Mbabane. SiSwati and English are official languages.

Swaziland has a population of 1,354,051, with a life expectancy of 47.97 years. The ethnic breakdown is
82.3% Swazi, 9.6% Zulu, 2.3% Tsonga , 1.4% Afrikaner, 1% mixed (white-black), and 3.4% other. The country is 40% Zionist  (a blend of Christianity and indigenous ancestral worship), 20% Roman Catholic,10% Muslim , and 30% other. The literacy rate is 82.6% for males and 80.8% for females.

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