Timeline of Afro-Asian History

 Date Timeline of Afro-Asian Events 
40,000 bp Modern human in northern Eurasia
10,000 bp Sugarcane domesticated in New Guinea
12,700-10,900 BCE Expansion of Afroasiatic or Afrasian linguistic family--eventually spreading to Middle East--Semitic is the only branch found outside Africa
6000 BCE Oldest known cotton fiber, Mehrgarh, Pakistan 
2600 BCE  Camel domesticated in Iran
1900 BCE Wadi el-Hol Inscriptions developed from hieroglyphs
1600 BCE Proto-Sinaitic developed 
1550-1100 BCE New Kingdom or Egyptian Empire expands territory to Middle East  
ca. 1482  Thutmose III, the Battle of Megiddo , defeats Canaanite coalition
c. 1273, 1274 BCE Ramses the Great , New Kingdom Egypt . Battle of Kadesh
1200 BCE Phoenician ascendancy, populating Mediterranean with colonies, especially North Africa
800 BCE Carthage founded by Queen Dido in present day Tunisia
702-669 BCE Kushite Empire emerge as Mediterranean/ Middle East superpower, counter weight to Assyrian might  
701 BCE  Kushites thwart Assyrian takeover of Jerusalem 
600-501 BCE Punic Script/Language differentiates from Phoenician Script
663 BCE  Assyrians conquer Egypt with superior iron weapons, drives out the Kushites
525 BCE Persia invades Egypt
206 BCE-220 CE  According to Chinese scholars, Han Dynasty in contact with Kush  and Axum 
6 BCE Jesus is born

 First Millenium CE
1-100 Malay began inhabiting Madagascar; Madagascan are predominantly of Malay and African extraction
1-200 Banana, coconut, taro (cocoyam) from Asia introduced into Africa by Malay
300s Arabic Script in use (Afroasiatic-semitic)
500  sugar is crystallized in India from sugarcane
525 Axumites invade Himyar and remains

570 Axumites removed from southern Arabia by Sassaniad Persian Empire
570  Muhammad is born
615  Muslims given refuge in Aksum, possibly by Armah or father Ellah Tsaham, First Hijra
618-907  Black muslims visits city of Changan --Tang Dynasty 
640 Egypt conquered under the leadership of  Amr ibn-al-A (Ethiopian companion of the prophet Muhammad)
711  All of Ifriqiya(north africa) under muslim control 
869 Zanj Rebellion-- Zanj Rebellion spread to west Iran, town of Ahwaz captured
900 Increased African trade with China(Tang Dynasty);Chinese artifact dot African east coast; slaves, rhinoceros horns, exported
969  Beginning of the Fatimid Empire 
1000s  Earliest West African Arabic Script (ajami) from tomb inscription in Gao
1000s  Swahili Script(Kiarabu) in use from tomb inscription and coins-Arabic Script in use in African east coast
1100s African slaves being imported in the ports of southern India , central India ( Deccan )
1100s Black slaves being imported to the Maldives
1204 Christian Nubia joins with Christian Crusaders from Europe to fight muslims@Constantinople , Fourth Crusade
1236-1240 Habshi Jamal al-Din Yaqut, a royal courtier in the kingdom of Delhi, favorite of Queen Radiyya 
1260 Battle of Ain Jalut, Mamluk Egyptians stops Mongol expansion into Africa
1415  Admiral Zhen He visits the Sultan of Kilwa, increase chinese trade with East African coast under Ming Dynasty 
1480s-1759 Seafaring Siddis being used to patroll seas--would later take power on the island of Janjira , south of Mumbai
1486-1493  Habshi slave soldiers took over Bengal kingdom, lead by Barbak Shah, and rule the Bengal kingdom to 1493
1498 Portuguese enter Indian Ocean established permanent prescence 
1513 Thirty African slaves, including Nuflo de Olano with Balboa when discovered Pacific
1516-1574 North Africa under Ottoman control, except Kingdom of Morocco
1517 Black eunuchs being sent to Crimean Khanate
1546 Blacks arrive in Japan with Portuguese captain Jorge Alvarez for first time, might be older via China
1595 Black eunuch is administrator for Medina/Mecca mosque under Ottoman control
1600 Malik Ambar comes to power in the Deccan--Ahmednagar Sultanate
1600-1708  English East India Company founded
1602-1799  Dutch East India Company founded 
1617 Eunuch Mustafa Agha thwarts Osman's right to the Ottoman throne
1620-1825 Siddis rule Kingdom of Janjira
1623  Portuguese forts of Macao being manned by black soldiers 
  late 1600s to 1800s many black soldiers and slaves could be found on Dutch ships. They could be found in ports such Melaka, Jakarta, Nagasaki 
1648 Eunuch Süleyma Agha secures Mehmed IV to the Ottoman throne
1698 Combined power of Swahili Pate and Oman, diminish power of Portugese in  East African coast, Portuguese remains in Mozambique
1700s Siddis rule Kingdom of Sachin

During the late 1700s, many African Americans started visiting east Asia
1717 Yaqub Sultan made governor of Bandar Abbas in Iran
1828 Treaty of Turkmanchai makes Iran dependent on african slaves, no longer had access to Christian sources
1831 Beginning recruitment of the Belanda Hitam
1832 Zanzibar becomes capital of Oman
453,063 Indians immigrate to Mauritius
Oman takes power from Mombasa elite, thereby controlling the Swahili coast
Asian migration to the Caribbean, predominantly from India and lesser numbers from China and Indonesia(Java) as indentured labor
1845  African American, Pyrrhus Concer was instrumental in developing good US/Japanese relation before Perry's invasion of Japan 
1850s African Americans frequently traveled east Asia on whaling ships
26,507  indians immigrate to La Reunion
1868  Iran, Tehran census, 12% black, 756 ghulam, 3014 kaniz
6,315 Indians immigrate to Seychelles
1889 Turkey abolishes slavery
1899 African American soldiers like David Fagen abandones American military and joins the Filipino insurrection for independence
1893-1914 Gandhi lives in South Africa where he developed his Satyagraha phillosophy
1920 Slavery ended in Iraq
1928 -Slavery abolished in Iran
-Dark Princess written by African American W.E.B Dubois encourage African and Asian cooperation against colonialism
1940s Wally Bastiansz, of Sinhala and Dutch Burgher roots creates Baila from the Kaffir style of Kaffrinha music
1948-1956  Moroccan Jews emmigrate to Israel 
1950s  During the US occupation of Japan and the Korean War, African American soldiers produced mixed race offsprings, rejected by their fathers and local communities, some experienced great hardship 
1955 Bandung Conference, conference of non-aligned countries--mainly between Asian and African countries
1960s  African Hebrew Israelites begin emmigrating to Israel from USA
1964 Zanzibar Revolution, Afro-Sherazi overthrow dominant Arab Omani government , many Omani Arab(Zanzibari) flee to Oman 
1970s  Esmeray becomes one of Turkey's most popular singers
1972  Idi Amin expels all Indian Asians from Uganda 
1977 Beginning movement of Beta Israel to Israel 
2013  Yityish "Titi" Aynaw of Ethiopian ancestry,  wins Miss Israel
2015 Ariana Miyamoto, hafu(Japanese mother and African American father--Arkansas) wins Miss Japan pageant