Takrur (Tekrur) Kingdom

Takrur(Tekrur) Kingdom was an ancient Fulani kingdom, found in northern Senegal near the Senegal River.

Ghana and Mali Empire

Tekrur was a vassal of the Ghana Empire. After the fall of Ghana it tried to expand its authority. In 1200, it took the province Diara. Sumanguru, their most prominent leader, in 1203 took Kumbi Saleh the capital of the Ghana Empire. Allied with the Kingdom of Kaniaga, another Fulani Kingdom, they conquered Kangaba, the kingdom to form the nucleus of the Mali Empire. In 1240, Kangaba pursued independence and at the Battle of Kirina, Sundiata Keita defeated Sumangura, initiating the rise of the Mali Empire.


In 1559, Tengeli Koli and his soldiers of Mandinka-Fulani took over the kingdom. Tengeli Koli initiated a new line of kings called Denianke, who ruled until 1776. The kings took the title silatigui(commander).The Denianke kings were non-muslims.


During the 1770s, a tucolor reformist islamic clan entered the kingdom, under the religious leader Suleiman Ba. In 1776, Suleiman Ba conquered the kingdom establishing an imamate(ruled by an imam). Trade was expanded with Sudanic commercial centers and with the French, who sailed up the Senegal River. 

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