Tunga penetrans

Tunga penetrans(Jiggers) is a flea that infects human by burrying itself into flesh, feeding on blood, while generating hundreds of eggs. It originated in the Americas and was spread to Africa and Asia. Jiggers tend to spread in high poverty regions due to poor sanitation.

The flea feeds on blood, both male and female. They love sandy areas. They attach themselves to pigs, dogs, cats, and humans. The female jigger burries herself in humans by digging and overtime feeding and developing a huge sack of eggs, which is slowly release. The lifespan of the Jigger is one month, from hatching.
Symptoms of Jigger infection are dark spots on the skin, on top of swelling. In the most extreme case black scales, the odor of rotting flesh develops.  The regions that are infected tend to produce an inflamed state of sensitivity to pain via movement. 


Kill the Jigger bug in home, spraying with Zanzarin
Wearing of shoes, avoiding contact with the ground where Jiggers exist


Removing the bug with a scalpel or pin , by pulling out from skin,  then disinfecting the area with peroxide , and applying antibiotic oinment. All scalpel and pins used should be discarded, so no transmission of disease such as AIDS occurs.