Wadai, Waday, Quadai, Quaddai Kingdom Sultanate

Wadai, Waday, Quadaï, Quaddaï Sultanate (c.1500-1909) was a kingdom, sultanate that occupied the prefecture of eastern Chad.


Before the 1500s, the region was dominated by the Maba people. Wadai was a vassal of the Kingdom of Darfur. Very little is known of the kingdom during this period. The king went by the title malik.

The Tunjur in the latter 1500s, destroyed the kingdom and established the muslim sultanate. The Tunjur sultanate rule until 1635. They were expelled by Abd al-Krim, a Maba. Rulers then took the title kolak with Abd al-Krim being the first. The kingdom later came under the influence of Kanem. In the 1700s, it began to re-assert its independence from Kanem and began raiding the kingdom. In 1835, Wadai was conquered by Darfur. In 1890, the kingdom was controlled by a proxy territory of Rabih. 

In 1909, France invaded the region and annexed it to Chad. In 1935, the kolak was re-instated with limited authority over the prefecture of Quaddaï.


The economic mainstay of the kingdom was slave trading with Egypt and Tripoli. Raids were carried out south in present day Central Africa, and carried via Darfur to the slave markets of Egypt or Libya. Slaves were shipped to Libya via Fezzan then either to ports of Tripoli or Beghazi where they were exported throughout the muslim world. It also received tribute from its vassal states.