Xhosa Clothing

Xhosa Clothing are designated for men and women. Clothing are typically decorated with beads. Different styles adorn different body area.


Incebetha is a well prepared small blanket that is used as a bra. It is pinned or adorned with beads. The process of making incebetha is called uRhaswa. Ifulu is a garment that is worn underneath, below the belt.  Ifulu is covered by the isikhakha or umbhaco and is made of a blanket. It is also adorned with with beads through urhaswa. On the head, women wear the iqhiya, which is adorned with beautiful beads. Iqhiya is a cloth that is fitted to the head. Women then wear a small and light weight blanket on the waist called uxakatha. Women make bracelets with beads, called intsimbi or amaso, which they wear on their feet. Intsimbi or amaso is also worn around the waist. Intsimbi or amaso  is made with small wires or flexible material, enough to hold beads. Imitsheke is worn on the wrist. A small hand bag is worn called ingxowa.


Men wear ingcawa a white and black blanket, adorned with ukurhaswa. Men wear beads around their neck. Isichebe is a short bead. Isidanga is a long bead necklace with different colors. Men wear beads around their wrists and foot called amaso. Beads that is worn on the head is called umngqa or igwala. Men smoke pipes that is decorated by ukurhaswa. The pipes are called umbheka phesheya.