Yoruba Names

Yorubas are an ethnic found in southwestern Nigeria and Benin.  A name can be for both male and female.

 Name Sex  Meaning
 Abimbola M/F  Born to meet wealth
 Abiodun M/F  Born in a festive period
 Abiola M/F  Wealth has been born
 Abioye M/F  We have royalty
 Adebayo Male  The crown has met with joy
 Adebimpe M/F  The Crown is complete
 Adebisi M/F  We added to the crown
 Adebowale Male  The crown has come home
 Adeboye M/F  The crown has brought title
 Adedamola Male  The crown has mixed with wealth
 Adedayo Male  The crown has turned to joy
 Adedeji Male  The crown has become two
 Adelaja Male  The King settled this fight
 Adelomo Male
 A child is a crown
 Ademola Male  The crown knows wealth
 Ademuyiwa M/F  The crown brought this
 Adenike Female  The crown needs to be pampered
 Adeola Female  Crown of wealth
 Aderounke M/F  The crown has one to pamper it
 Adesanya M/F
 Rewards my suffering
 Adetola M/F  The crown can be measured to wealth
 Adetutu Female  The crown is gentle and patient
 Adewale Male
 The crown has come home
 Adewemimo Female  The crown washed me clean
 Adewunmi  M/F  I desire the crown
 Adeyemi  M/F  I am worthy of the crown
 Afolabi  Male  Born with wealth
 Akande  Male  First born
 Akanni  M/F  The first one
 Akintoye  M/F  Strength is enough title
 Anuoluwapo  M/F  God's mercies are in abundance
 Atinuke  M/F  Taken care of from conception
 Ayokunumi  M/F  I am overwhemled with wealth
 Ayoola  M/F  The joy of wealth
 Ayotola  M/F  Joy is enough wealth
 Ayotundun  Female  Joy is sweet
 Babajide  Male  Father has come to life again
 Babatunde  Male  Father has come again
 Bidemi  M/F  Born awaiting  me
 Boluwatife  M/F  The will of God
 Durosinmi  Male  Wait to rest
 Eniola  Female  A person with wealth
 Enitan  M/F  A person with an history
 Fehintola  Female  Back wealth
 Feyisayo  Female  Use this as wealth
 Fiayosemi  M/F  Mold me with joy
 Folake  Female  Taken care with wealth
 Fowoke  Female  Pampered with money
 Gbemisola  Female  God has lifted me into wealth
 Gbohunmi  M/F  God heard my cry
 Gbolahun  M/F  Show the wealth
 Ifedapo  M/F  Love came together
 Ifedayo  M/F  Love has turned to joy
 Ifetundun  Female  Love is sweet
 Iretilouwa  Female  Waiting on God
 Itunu  Female  Consolation
 Iyabo  Female  Mother has come
 Jaiyesimi  Female Let the world rest
Jibola   Jibola A child who woke up with wealth 

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